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Community Resources for Independent Living

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Housing Assistance

Our Services

CRIL (Community Resources for Independent Living) assists people with disabilities and seniors with functional limitations with understanding the process in obtaining accessible, affordable and subsidized housing, primarily within Alameda County.


CRIL’s Housing Services Teaches Consumers:

  • How to look for housing, identify sources and understand CA tenant rights. CRIL also provides a list of affordable and subsidized rentals available throughout Alameda County.
  • How to reach out to landlords to encourage renting to individual with disabilities in order to help them to become totally independent. CRIL does not own or manage any residential facility.

CRIL hosts a weekly "Housing Search Workshop" in our Hayward office, and once a month in our Fremont branch office and on an appointment basis in our Livermore branch office. No appointment is needed for the weekly Hayward workshop; pre-registration is recommended for the monthly branch workshops. Attending the workshop prior to working one-on-one with CRIL's IL Coordinator is very helpful because we share information on how to seek and apply for affordable and/or accessible housing in Alameda County. The first step in CRIL's Housing Search Assistance Service is attendance at one of the Housing Search Workshops.

CRIL will help you find your own accessible and affordable and subsidized housing. CRIL's Housing Coordinator will teach you how to look for appropriate housing, identify resources that can support independent living, negotiate with your landlord, understand tenant rights and responsibilities, learn how to improve your credit report and how to identify possible resources for a security deposit. CRIL keeps a current list of local rentals. CRIL does not own housing or run its own residential facility.

“When and where do these housing workshops meet?”


CRIL's Housing Search Workshop meets weekly on Mondays, from 2:00pm to 4:00pm, at CRIL's Hayward location: 439 A Street, Hayward, California 94541. Please call 510.881-5743 ext. 31 for more information.

CRIL also holds a monthly Housing Search Workshop at CRIL's Fremont location on the second Tuesday of each month from 2:00pm - 4:00pm. For more information, please call 510-881-5743.

CRIL also holds Housing Search Workshops in Livermore by appointment only. For more information, please call 510-881-5743.

“How do I join one of these workshops?”


The easiest way is to show up at our Hayward office on any Monday at 2:00 pm sharp and sign in as attending the weekly Housing Search Workshop. If you can't make a Monday afternoon due to work, school or other scheduling conflicts, please call CRIL's Hayward Office at 510-881-5743 to set up an appointment for another convenient time.

“Will my personal information be shared?”


CRIL's Housing Search Workshops respect the privacy of participants. Personal information is not shared outside of the housing search workshop meeting.

“Does CRIL own or manage any housing facilities?”


No, CRIL does not own or manage any housing facilities. CRIL will help you with numerous resources and teach you the skills and steps needed so you can secure your housing.


Additional Housing Resources:

  • Emergency housing (Shelter’s) in Alameda County:
  • Need a roommates click find a roommates online, please be aware of the CRIL strongly recommend to write a rental agreement in between your landlord and you. Watch out for troublemaker roommates.
  • Looking for a Below Market rate housing in South of Alameda County click the following link:
  • Are you a section 8 voucher recipient searching for a place to live click in the following link for the Housing Authority of Alameda County to search for place that only take section 8:
  • Are you delinquent in you rent or need help with your security deposit CRIL and Alameda County “Season of Sharing join forces in serving disadvantaged seniors, and people please clink the link for more information:
  • Credit Report: Run your credit report for free click to the following link you will be able to run once a year for free you credit report for all three credit companies. CRIL can help you understand your credit history, also how to dispute a charge.
  • Need help with your creditor “Consumer credit counseling” will help you understand how to manage your debt please click in the following link to make an appointment with credit counselor:
  • Are you a senior with functional limitation and need more information about senior housing click the following link for more information:
  • Need help with legal issues related to housing click the following link or call at 510-250-5270- 800-551-5554
  • HUD /housing complains, person with questions regarding fair and equal treatment in all federally subsidized housing may contact HUD’s regional office for further information please call 800-347-3739 or you can contact the State of California Department of Fair Employment & Housing:
  • Fremont Fair Housing and Landlord tenant services,, for Fremont resident: Counseling, information and referral for rental housing question.